New Zealand invites panel beaters, welders, prison guards, and others for employment

by Area Talk

New Zealand has announced a significant expansion of its Immigration Green List in its bid to address critical skills shortages.

The Green List is to include a wide range of professions in construction, information technology, automotive, and engineering which would enable them to utilize the Green List visas when seeking specialized talent not readily found among the local workforce.

This move presents an expedited route to residency for professionals engaged in 17 new incorporated occupations across diverse sectors.

This was announced by Immigration Minister Andrew Little as a policy shift to reinforce the country’s labor force and invigorate economic expansion.

Other changes also involve elevating the Recognised Seasonal Employer quota to 19,500 for the upcoming 2023/24 season. Furthermore, it grants individuals already holding a recovery visa in New Zealand the opportunity to request a three-month extension and introduces more positions into the construction and Infrastructure Sector Agreement.

Green List Expansion
New Zealand is grappling with skills shortages across various industries. The government’s decision to expand the Green List is to simplify the process for employers seeking skilled foreign workers.

Here are the 17 occupations on the Green List:

  • Prison Guards
  • Welders
  • Aviation Engineers
  • Database and Systems Administrators
  • Panel Beaters
  • Road-Roller Operators
  • Vehicle Painters
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
  • Corrections Officers
  • Fitter and Turners
  • Fitter Generals
  • Fitter-Welders
  • ICT Database and System Administrators
  • Mechanical Engineering Technicians
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Metal Machinists First Class
  • Naval Architects (Marine Designers)

Skills shortage in New Zealand By offering residency, New Zealand aims to enhance its appeal as it competes for international talent. This policy shift aligns with the government’s goal of establishing a sustainable, long-term workforce to support ongoing recovery and address future extreme weather events.

The impact on the labor market is expected to be positive, as the expanded Green List will provide employers with a larger pool of skilled workiners. This could result in higher wages and improved working conditions for New Zealanders.


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