Protest Rocks APC National Secretariat as South-east Group Demand for Senate President, Says its Their Turn

by Area Talk

A group of protesters have stormed the National Secretariat of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Abuja, calling for the position of the Senate president to be allocated to the South-East region.

The demonstrators, under the banner of the APC Support Forum, argued that it was time for the South-East to assume leadership in the 10th National Assembly.

The National Publicity Secretary of the group, Adamu Isa’ah, accused the party of engaging in “microzoning,” a practice in which specific individuals are favoured for particular positions. Isa’ah strongly condemned this zoning formula during a press conference at the secretariat gate.

He emphasised the interconnectedness of Nigeria’s various regions, stating that an injury to one part of the country affects the whole nation.

Isa’ah declared, “The Forum of APC Support Groups unequivocally condemns and outrightly rejects the so-called zoning formula of the 10th National Assembly (NASS) imposed by the party. What is even more concerning is the party’s decision to microzone positions to specific individuals. This approach does not align with the principles of inclusivity within the party. We urge the party to engage in extensive consultations with stakeholders, particularly the National Executive Committee (NEC), to ensure fairness, goodwill, equity, and justice. The party must uphold its motto of justice, peace, and unity.”

He further urged the APC leadership to follow the example set by the previous administration and strive for a corruption-free government.

Isa’ah stressed the importance of adhering to the principles and spirit of the legacy parties, namely ACN, APGA, ANPP, CPC, and n-PDP.

He pointed out that since 2015, individuals from these parties had occupied prominent positions within the APC, including the presidency, vice presidency, senate presidency, speaker of the House of Representatives, national chairmen, and secretary.

Isa’ah argued that the current lopsidedness and imbalance needed rectification.

Furthermore, he criticised those vying for the position of Senate President in the upcoming 10th NASS, highlighting that many of them had joined the APC during its latter days in power and had not made significant contributions to the party.

He likened them to opportunistic politicians who only appear when the time is ripe. According to Isa’ah, this unfairness disregards the efforts of those who had diligently worked to build the party from its inception to its present stature.

Isa’ah also emphasised the South-East’s representation within the APC, noting that the region had produced two APC governors and six APC Senators-elect.

He criticised the current favouritism shown towards the South-South in the selection of the Senate president, pointing out that the region had already held the presidency, vice presidency, two national chairmen, national secretary, deputy senate presidency, and Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF).


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