“Refrain from making frivolous, deceitful, misleading, and inciting Statements” ~ Akwa-Ibom Stakeholders tells Akpabio

by Area Talk

Prominent stakeholders in Akwa Ibom State have criticized Senate President Godswill Akpabio for allegedly spreading false information during a recent church service.

In a statement issued by the Ekid Nation Interest Forum, the group denounced Akpabio’s remarks as “frivolous, deceitful, misleading, and inciting.”

The controversy arose during a Thanksgiving service hosted by Governor Umo Eno in Eket on February 11, 2024. Akpabio, who arrived late at the event, claimed to have repurchased and redesigned the Qua River Hotel in Eket, a statement that was strongly disputed by the stakeholders.

The stakeholders accused Akpabio of being insincere and suggested that his sudden interest in Eket was a political move, especially in light of his recent announcement to contest for the governorship seat for the APC in 2027.

They questioned Akpabio’s claims of repurchasing the Qua River Hotel, stating that Eket had already taken legal steps to reclaim the property.

The stakeholders expressed their lack of interest in Akpabio’s “superficial affection” for Eket and voiced their confidence in Governor Umo Eno’s leadership. They believed that Governor Eno would genuinely contribute to the development of the local government.

In a part of the statement, it was mentioned: “Akpabio is not the right person to advise Governor Umo Eno on matters concerning the people of Eket. He cannot speak on our behalf or understand our needs better than us.

“We are fortunate to have a leader like Governor Umo Eno, who prioritizes the welfare of the people without being swayed by ethnic biases or other trivial issues. We trust that Governor Eno will develop an ultra-modern Hotel complex for Eket, improve its infrastructure, and bring more government projects like industries and educational institutions to restore Eket’s former glory as ‘Idung Mfianwe’.

“We once again urge Senator Godswill Akpabio to leave Eket alone. His sudden show of affection is not genuine, and we are not interested in his insincere gestures.”

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