For the health of your teeth and mouth in general, Do this….

Eat balanced diet: Good food is medicine on its own

Eat less of/avoid sugary foods/drinks: Those microbes that destroy the teeth dwell more on sugary matters

Drink water often: Dry mouth worsens bad breathe (mouth odour)

Brush (preferably after eating) at least twice daily

Avoid smoking/tobacco use: Smoking/tobacco use increases the risk of oral cancer, gum diseases, as well stains the teeth

Floss regularly: To remove particles hanging between teeth

Brush your tongue well: Tongue is part of the mouth

Brush the gum & tongue gently to avoid wound

Don’t use hard brush: Life no suppose hard reach that level

Brush with salt, water & chewstick if fluoride toothpaste & brush are not available: They both work almost equally efficiently

Gaggle with warm water & salt from time to time

Replace old toothbrush with new one within 3 months: I guess you know why

If you wear braces or dentures, keep to rules your doctor gave

Don’t forget! Bad breath (mouth odour) is treatable

Misaligned, jagged, stained teeth, etc are all correctable, with your smile restored

Avoid eating/chewing hard things that can crack your teeth/injure your mouth

Create time to visit your dentist, at least annually: Don’t wait till your teeth start getting holes or palates ulcerated before you do that

Neglect these things at your own peril.

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