How kidnapped Rivers 12 years Student, Franklin Chioma was Rescued in Igbo Etche.

Following the rescue of Miss frankline Chioma by men of the Nigerian police in Rivers State, Many have been asking alot of questions like what really happened? We’re yet to get the full story on what happened, are you sure she was really kidnapped?. Well! I’m here to brief you guys on what really happened.

Her mum Love Chinenye narrates

It all happened on Thursday morning been 11th of May 2023 around 7:17am.. she left for school on reaching to Ozuoba about to take another taxi to her school a man on a mini bus, it was just only the man on the mini bus drove towards her and said to her your mummy sent me to you for you to accompany me to where I will buy beads for her, the girl knowing her mummy deal on beads and other accessories obliged and entered.

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The man reversed immediately to another direction where they will get the beads like he told her on reaching to a place she said the man started applying different substances on her according to her she said none affected her that the only one that got to her small was when the man pulled out a bead and put it on her neck, she said she started feeling dizzy that she wasn’t seeing clearly everywhere was blur. The removed her school uniform immediately and threw them away.

When they got to the man destination she was abandoned in an uncompleted building well fenced and the gate was locked from outside which you won’t even have clue that someone will be inside, she said the man threw her inside the compound like football, immediately the man jumped in as well dragged her inside one of the rooms, changed his clothes, wore the clothes that he will use and ki.ll her but the man couldn’t he kept telling the little girl that I don’t know what is stopping me from ki.lling you that he has ki.lled up to 500 girls who is she that he can’t kill..

She said the man left her there on Friday night that it was only indomie that the man gave her to eat on Friday…

On reaching Saturday morning she regained herself fully that one spirit told her to run away which she did but the gate was locked she couldn’t escaped she started bagging on the gate for like 30mins she said she became tired and wanted to go back, another spirit said to her keep knocking my daughter which she did within few minutes she heard a voice “who is that person? How did u enter there? She explained to Him,they called police immediately for assistance they couldn’t go inside they had to bring down the fence and rescued her.

Men of the Nigerian police arrived at the scene took her to their station were she was interrogated if she has her mum or Daddy phone number off hand she said yes, they called her mum, told her where to come and pick her daughter, that she has been found.

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