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In Hausa Language, “Dan Amanar” means a Trusted Son, a man who has impeccable and noble character, one whose word can be relied upon no matter the time, situations, the day or the season.

At a time when political and ethnic merchants are consistently beating the drums of ethnic division and strife, the decision of the Emir and the people of Daura, katsina State to expand own definition of the word “Son” beyond the boundaries of their Emirates must be applauded.

Ordinarily, one would expect that such a prestigious title would be bestowed only on indigenes of the Emirate or at least, same tribe but the Emirate in her wisdom decided to honor the man who has arguably done the most in ensuring that the promises made by a Daura Son, President Muhammadu Buhari are delivered to the common man.

This gesture must be applauded by all and sundry regardless affiliations. Not necessarily because of the projects sited in the North as some would like us to believe, but most importantly as another step in our quest for a united and more prosperous Nigeria.

The Daura Emirate is a kingdom rich in history and steeped in culture. As an Emirate regarded as one of the “Seven True Hausa States” on account of it being ruled by the
descendants of the sons of the legendary Bayajidda with Daurama and Magira. Daura is regarded as the Spiritual Home of the Hausa people.

Thus, the great people of Daura bestowing such an honor on the Hon. Minister of Transportation is perhaps the biggest thank you yet, for his efforts in ensuring the continued success of the President and his administration, even at great personal cost.

For a lot of us, especially discerning followers of the Nigerian political and administrative circles, the title of Dan Amanar Daura bestowed upon His Excellency, the Honorable Minister of Transportation and former Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi C.O.N, comes as no surprise.

As a politician, administrator, friend, father and leader, the one thing that stands out in his dealings with people is his trustworthiness and high standards in integrity.

As a detribalized Nigerian and one committed to the economic growth of the country, his contributions to the unity and economic growth of the nation are clear for all to see.

As a revolutionary, in championing the linking of the major cities of the North and even the border town of Jibia, Niger Republic by rail, he has had to endure allegations of abandoning his people, turning himself to a slave and numerous other slurs cast on his person.

It is amusing that some of the major beneficiaries of his benevolence are those leading the charge. In spite of this, and armed with an in-depth understanding of the huge economic benefits that already exist and are underutilized in this axis, he has committed himself to ensuring the completion and utilization of the railway corridors from the ports in the West, to the border towns of the North.

As one who understands the role long term quality education plays in the development of a country and in solving insecurity issues, he has pushed for the establishment of universities in the North and the South of the country, complete with primary and secondary schools for the benefit of the country and the people.

One of these is the University of Transportation in Daura, Katsina State which is expected to be completed in December 2022. This University is designed to produce Nigerians who would manage and maintain the rail network being put in place by the Federal Government. This demonstrates more than anything a desire to ensure the sustainability of the efforts aimed at putting in place the necessary infrastructure needed to stimulate and boost the economy of our dear nation.

Amaechi’s strides in the rail sector, the security maritime sector through the Deep Blue Project and his efforts in revamping and promoting the maritime sector as part of efforts to diversify the economy are clear even for the blind to see.

As Africans, we understand the importance, honor and duty that comes with the conferment of such titles. We are grateful to the Emir and the people of Daura Emirate for recognizing and honoring the efforts of the Hon. Minister.

In keeping with his nature, this honor would rather spur the Hon. Minister to redouble his efforts in the service of his country, we can assure.

As we head into the 2023 elections, we owe ourselves a duty to ensure that whoever succeeds President Muhammadu Buhari is one who has the requisite experience to
consolidate on the gains of this administration and lead the charge of Nigeria into a new era. We owe ourselves and the generations unborn a duty to elect a man who
more than anything has shown that he can be trusted with power and can stand up to the challenges that exist and will continue to exist.

In Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, we have a performer who as Governor of Rivers State transformed every sector of the state and left shoes really big to fill. In him we have a performer who as Minister of Transportation has contributed in no small measure to the successes of this administration in all parts of the country and across several sectors of the economy.

The decision to run is not one that he will take lightly. As one who understands better than most the huge responsibility that comes with such positions, it is understandable
that a lot of thought would go into any decision made for or against a run.

Until that time, I join friends, family and associates to congratulate the Dan Amanar Daura, a true detribalized Nigerian.


Engr. (Dr) Chukwudi Dimkpa

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