Twist and Turns of Rivers State Politics.

Abuja: Obiaruko Ndukwe

A dilemma is when you leave Amaechi and APC to join Wike and PDP only to realize that Wike has sacrificed his party candidates to save his political future by subscribing to Tinubu and APC.

It is a dilemma when the Governorship candidate of the PDP, Sim Fubara is left in the dark and only hopes that Tinubu wins to help him using the Courts.

It’s a dilemma when Amaechi’s loyalists, which includes my humble self have to support APC in the state for Tonye Cole to win the Governorship.

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A dilemma is when Tonye Cole is forced to deliver Tinubu even when Tinubu has a pact with Wike’s PDP and Tinubu shies away from publicly soliciting support for Tonye Cole.

It’s a dilemma when Amaechi cannot publicly go against Tinubu in preference to Atiku or Peter Obi, yet he cannot support Tinubu who prefers Wike in the now.

It is a dilemma when Rivers APC NASS candidates must campaign for Tinubu and the APC since their election is on the same day.
Same for PDP NASS candidates.

A dilemma is for Rivers politicians like Magnus Abe who was supposed to be Tinubu’s preferred Governorship candidate but may have been sacrificed for Sim Fubara.

It’s a dilemma for me to choose to remain with Amaechi no matter the odds or to carve a new friendship across the board.

In all, it’s a total dilemma for the state!

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