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Interested applicants must possess a minimum of Second Class Upper Division for holders of the first degree and Upper Credit for HND holders. In addition, applicants must possess credit in English Language and Mathematics and 3 additional credits in subjects related to degree course of study. Computer literacy will be an added advantage.

  1. Applicants must possess NYSC Discharge Certificate or Letter of Exemption from NYSC at the time of applying for DSSC.
  2. Applicants must possess certificates of full registration with their respective statutory professional bodies in Nigeria where applicable.
  3. Requirements: Applicants are advised to carefully read the specific disciplines required below before filling the form


  • a. AircraftEngineering: HND/B.Eng/BSc Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering,Aeronautical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Metallurgy and Material Technology, Automobile Engineering.
  • b. Armament Technology: HND/B.Eng Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering,Chemical Engineering, BSc Industrial Chemistry, BSc Applied Mathematics,BSc Physics, HND/BSc Explosive Chemistry, BSc Rocket Science.
  • c. Operations: BSc/HND Statistics, Data Analyst.
  • d. Communication, Information and Space Technology: BSc/MSc/M.Eng/B.Eng/HND Communication Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer& Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Cyber Security,Artificial Intelligence, PGD Satellite Communication, PGD Satellite Ground Station Engineering, PGD/BSc Remote Sensing, PGD/BSc Geographic Information System, PGD/BSc Rockery, PGD/BSc Astronomy, PGD/BSc Space Engineering,BSc Geography, BSc Geo-Physics, BSc Physics. Possession of professional certificates such as PHP, Python, MS Azure, CSS cert, Web App Devcer (HTML, CSS, Java Script), CNDA, MCDBA, OCA, MCSA, CEH, CHFI, CISSP, LPT, OSCP, CAIE. PGD and MSc would be added advantage.
  • e. Logistics: BSc/HND Economics, Purchasing and Supply, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics & Statistics. Possession of professional certificates such as CIPSM and CILT is required PGD and MSc would be added advantage.
  • f. Works and Services: BSc/HND Architecture, Building Engineering, Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveyor, Land Surveyor, Urban and Regional Planning.
  • g. AirIntelligence: BSc/HND Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System, Cartography,Photogrammetry, Geography, Land Surveying, Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science (Comitia A+ Ethical hacking and advantage), Cyber Security, Computer Engineering, Robotic Engineering, Computer Forensic, Mandarin Language, Arabic Language, Criminology, Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Psychology,Sociology, Intelligence and Security Studies,Peace and Conflict Resolution,History.
  • h. Administration: BSc Physical and Health Education,BSc/HND Hotel Management.
  • i. Air Provost: BSc Sociology,Criminology, Psychology, LLB, BL.
  • j. Public Relations: B.A/BSc/HND Mass Communication, Journalism, Public Relations.
  • k. Legal Services: LLB, BL.
  • l. Education: B.A (Ed) Fine Arts, BSc (Ed)/B Tech (Ed)/B.EdComputer Education/Education Information Technology, BSc (Ed)/B.Ed Biology,B.Tech/BSc (Ed) Technical Education, BSc (Ed)/B.Ed Mathematics, B.A( Ed)/B.Ed English, BSc (Ed)/B.Ed Business Studies.
  • m. Chaplain: BSc/B.A/HND Theology Chaplain.
  • n. Imam: B.A Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Literature.
  • o. Music: B.A Music/HND Music Technology.
  • p. Personnel Services: BSc/HND Public Administration, Statistics.
  • q. Account and Budget:BSc Accounting, Economics.
  • r. Medicals:MBBS,MBchB or equivalent. Must be fully registered by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and must possess a current practicing license in any of the following specialist areas:
  • (1) Medical Officer
  • (2) Consultant –General Surgeon
  • (3) Consultant –Oncologist
  • (4) Consultant – Pediatrics
  • (5) Consultant – O & G
  • (6) Consultant – Radiologist
  • (7) Consultant – Endocrinologist
  • (8) Consultant – Anesthetist
  • (9) Consultant – Internal Medicine
  • (10) Consultant – Ophthalmologist
  • (11) Consultant – ENT
  • (12) Consultant – Neurologist
  • (13) Consultant – Nephrologist
  • (14) Consultant – Urologist
  • (15) Consultant – Dental
  • s. Professional Allied to Medicine:Must have specialist’squalifications or its equivalent. Must be fully registered by its specialists Council of Nigeria and possessa current practicing license in any of the following specialist areas:
  • (1) Optometrist: BSc in Optometry or B.Optom. Must be fully registeredby the Optical Council of Nigeria.
  • (2) Radiographer: BScin Medical Imaging Science or Radiography and must be fully registered with the Radiographers Council of Nigeria.
  • (3) Pharmacist: Must possess a B.Pharm degree and be fully registered with the Pharmacy Council of Nigeria.
  • (4) Medical Lab Scientist:Must possess either a BMLS or AIMLS and its equivalent and be fully registered with the Medical Laboratory Scientist Council of Nigeria.
  • (5) Dietician/Nutrition Science: B.Sc or HND Dietician/Nutrition. Must be registered with Dietetics Council of Nigeria.
  • (6) Clinical Psychologist: Must possess a MSc Clinical Psychology and BSc General and Applied Psychology.
  • (7) Community/Environmental Health Officer: Must possess either a BSc or HND in either Environmental Health or Community Health. Must be fully registered with the Environmental Health Council of Nigeria.
  • (8) Medical Records Officer: Must possess a BSc or HND Health Records and Biostatistics and must be fully registered with the Health Records Officers Registration Board of Nigeria.
  • (9) Biomedical Engineer: Must possess a BSc or HND in Biomedical Engineering.
  • (10) Physiotherapist: Must possess either B. Physiotherapy or BMR (Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation). Must be registered with the Medical Rehabilitation Therapist Registration Board of Nigeria (MRTB).
  • (11) Dental Therapist/Technologist: BDS or its equivalent. Must be fully registered by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.
  • t. Nurses –B.Sc/RN and RM (Double Qualification) Must be registered and have a current practicing license from the Nigerian Nursing and Midwifery Council.Also hold a post basic qualification in any of the specialties listed.
  • (1) Oncology Nurse
  • (2) Dental Nurse
  • (3) Pediatric Nurse
  • (4) Anesthetist Nurse
  • (5) Ear, Nose and Throat Nurse
  • (6) Critical Care Nurse
  • (7) Intensive Care Nurse
  • (8) Trauma Nurse
  • (9) Disaster Nurse
  • (10) Peri-Operative Nurse
  • (11) Burns and Plastic Nurse
  • (12) Orthopedic Nurse
  • (13) Ophthalmic Nurse
  • (14) Cardio Pulmonary Nurse
  • (15) Bachelor of Nursing Science
  • u. Museum and Archives. BA History and BA Archeology/Anthropology.

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