Alert: Tricks Used by Fraudsters ‘Yahoo Boys’ which is Sending Girls To Prison.

In recent times, following the continuous increase in internet Fraud otherwise known as R 20;Yahoo Yahoo”, ladies have been affected in both Physical and Spiritually.

It has been reported severally of ladies missing after meeting with suspected “Yahoo Boys” while others develop an incurable disease or mental disorder.

The current trend as reported is sending innocent ladies to prison Using their Bank account.

How the tricks works.

When they are about to cash out from a major ‘client’ they begin the process of getting a new female lover with intent of using the lady’s account to get the money.

They spend lavishly on the prospective or would be female lover or new female lover to impair her sense of reason.

The next stage is they tell her that their crytocurrency partner want to pay in millions into his account but his account is not upgraded yet to receive more than one million naira and the payment is urgent.

They convince the new female lover to provide her account for the payment and the moment the money is paid, the girl is asked to make withdrawal immediately and the money is given to them (Yahoo boys) .

In less than three days, they tell her that they have a business trip to make and gifts her some money.That is the end.

When the mugu has known that it is ‘scam’ and want to make case.The first point of contact is the receiving account (the girl’s account).
Before she knows what is happening, she will be arrested and charged for conspiracy .

NB: When somebody tells you to provide your account for somebody to pay in money, ensure you know why the person is not using his or account so that you don’t enter problem unknowingly .

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