Watch Video: you are a serial betrayer without integrity ~FFK tells WiKe.

by Area Talk

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Minister of Aviation has accused the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike of betraying Former President Goodluck Jonathan, Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Ameachi and others who have been pivotal to his rise in politics.

This is as he slammed him for allegedly destroying the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

FFK alleged that all the governors and lawmakers that left the PDP, left because of Wike, adding that if former President Jonathan was to leave the PDP, it would be for people like Wike.

Wike had in an interview on October 1, denied being friends with FFK.

Reacting to the ex-minister’s move from the PDP to the All Progressive Congress (APC), Wike said he is no friend with FFK, noting that the former Aviation minister was not useful to PDP.

“I don’t know why people are saying they are shocked, you see it’s not everybody that speaks you take seriously. Some people speak because of what they want to eat, others speak to save them from problems they have if they can be saved. I and Femi are not friends, he said one of the governors he reached is Rivers State, he can’t reach me, it can’t work, I don’t like artificial things. I and Femi don’t talk,” Wike said.

The Rivers governor noted that the former minister hails from Osun and questioned what he won in Osun State.

“What has he done for the PDP?” Wike asked.


But reacting to Wike’s statement in an interview with Cally Ikpe, FFK described Wike as a melomaniac who lacks integrity.

“He talks about integrity, which integrity does he have? I have been in the PDP since 2001 when he was still in the creeks. When did he come into the PDP? I was a minister 14 years ago. I was with a former PDP president for four years in the villa when the whole world was against us and I am very proud to serve that government. We have been in this game before 2001 and right before then, I was doing so many things. Where was this man? He was still in the creeks at that time.

“When he eventually came out. He was made a minister by President Goodluck Jonathan, he managed to crawl around and eventually got the nomination to be the governor of Rivers State. Since that time, what has he done for the PDP that was built over the years by people far older, far better than him?

“He came into the PDP and behave like a tyrant, like Hitler. Every key player that has left the PDP over the last couple of years left because of him; because of megalomania, because of his indecency, his lack of restraint and harsh words on anyone who does not agree with him.

“Jonathan helped him, he betrayed Jonathan. Rotimi Amaechi helped him, he betrayed Amaechi. Every single person that has helped this man, he has betrayed,

“He is the reason why three governors, many senators and the house of representatives members left the PDP. If Jonathan would have to leave PDP, it is for people like Wike,” he said.

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