The unwritten motto of Rivers State political leaders is “Once an enemy, forever an enemy”. No forgiveness! No reconciliation!

Only the middle and lower cadre politicians that are of no real threat to the leaders, are allowed to change camps. Even so, these “inconsequential” decampees are welcomed only as they further the eternal enmity within the leaders.

In line with the mantra of no forgiveness and no reconciliation, former Governor Peter Odili will never allow himself to be in the same political party with his former boss, Governor Rufus Ada-George. In fact, Odili hurriedly left the APP in 1998 to the PDP because Ada George emerged the leader of the APP in the state. Both have disagreed and must remain permanently disagreeable.

Former Governor Rotimi Amaechi will never be in the same political party with his predecessor, Dr. Peter Odili. It is also extremely doubtful that Odili will want to be in the same political party with Amaechi. They both have disagreed in the past and must remain disagreeable.

The unending bitter political war between the incumbent Governor Nyesom Wike and his predecessor, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi must never end. They will never work together again because they disagreed in the past and must remain enemies.

There are top leaders in the Rivers State PDP that will never decamp to the APC as far as Amaechi remains the leader of APC in the state. They will rather endure the worst humiliation in the PDP than join Amaechi. Why? Because they disagreed with Amaechi in the past and know that they will never be forgiven. In the same manner, there are those that will never join PDP because of Wike.

Some governorship aspirants in the APC and the PDP will never get the support of Amaechi or Wike because they contested against these leaders in the past, “disobeyed” them or did something against them in the past. Political enmity in Rivers State is eternal. There is no room for forgiveness at the very top.


In Anambra State, it is on record that Charles Soludo had previously contested the governorship against the incumbent Governor Willie Obiano and former Governor Peter Obi. In fact, the primary election contest between Charles Soludo and Willie Obiano was reported as very bloody because it resulted in the death of people.

Yet 8 years after, Governor Willie Obiano and Charles Soludo had forgiven themselves and reconciled. Thereafter, Governor Obiano supported his former bitter opponent, Charles Soludo to win the last Anambra State governorship election.

The media also reported Former Governor Peter Obi of the PDP as saying that Charles Soludo, the man who ran against him in 2009, is better than Andy Uba of APC.

So, why can’t Governor Nyesom Wike support or at least provide a level playing field for persons who have offended/opposed him in the past? Why can’t Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi do the same?

In this New Dawn, political disagreements and enmity must not be forever?

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