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crude oil is a natural unrefined hydrocarbon deposits, petroleum products and other organic materials. It is a gift with numerous benefits and high monetary value from the creator of the universe (God) to mankind. It has many byproducts such as petroleum naphtha, gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene, liquefied petroleum etc, and over 6,000 petroleum waste byproducts.

The first commercial and modern oil refinery emerged in Baku, present day Iran in 1837 and 1846 respectively. Other countries with early discovery are Poland 1854, Romania 1857, Canada 1858, USA 1859 etc,. In Nigeria the first discovery was made in Oloibiri, Bayelsa state in 1956. Subsequently other Niger Delta states came into the picture. With this the economy of Nigeria grew beyond boundaries and known as OIL ECONOMY.

However, the Nigerian government is guilty of misdemeanor by infusing a total rejection and repression on the settlers of Niger Delta region from which the crude oil is extracted. This gave birth to grievances and rebellious spirits. Series of peculiarities were launched on the government of the day to reconcile the thick line between exiguous or zero benefits and the colossal wealth from crude oil. Protests and agitations for emancipation and equality triggered little repentance on the government after donkey years. Hence agencies such as NDDC, MNDA, NDWF and IYC were created to bridge the political, economic and social distance. The above parastatals stood as agencies established to develop the Niger Delta and draw government closer to the settlers of this region. Also not forgetting amnesty programs aimed at pacifying the angry Niger Delta youths who disrupted shell operations and indulged in local refineries.

The trending news is that Nigeria’s crude oil vessels are floating at the International market without buyers.

NNPC recently reported that since 2016 thirteen (13) major countries that purchase Nigeria’s crude oil have declined, including highest purchaser India.

Serious problem also looms with the improvement on electric car that is envisaged to take over fuel and gasoline cars in 15-20years from now. Thus, electric cars were in used in the 18th century but the mass production of fuel and gasoline cars which are cheaper frozen it. Soon, electric cars will be revamped and resuscitated to take over the future.

In the same vain, solar light (energy ) installation is invoke as modern builders cannot do without it.


The Ijawman, is known to be endowed with many aquatic skills. But it is now obvious that speculations are not facts.

How many commercial fishermen do we have rather than subsistence in Ijaw land?

Do we even have any fish company that exports fish to the world largest fish market in TOYOSU (Japan )? Oyes, that should be the standard.

We say, we are canoeists or kayakers but cannot be qualified to hold a position in Bending Branches (US ). The best canoe company in the world.

We are gin producers but choose to do it locally. Therefore cannot visit Philippines, that has the world largest gin market.

We hew economic trees but cannot take it to the world. China today has the world largest market for timber and wood.

Permit me to say at this juncture that the early Ijawman, was more conscious about his root and origin than the modern Ijawman. The latter operates on the slippery lap of lies, selfishness and distrust. He does not possess the spirit of fanaticism for Ijaw people hence spends money on immaterial things extravagantly.

Our leaders should feel insulted with this article.

Nevertheless, it is not too late to mend things. Colloquium can be instituted in the Ijaw creeks to train willing Ijaws in respect to the environment and occupation which would flare livelihood. Other companies can as well be built in creeks to create employment.

After crude oil what will be the FATE of Ijawman in Nigeria? Our leaders should think about this seriously.

Take the bull by the horns. The youths still believe in you.

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